Neuropsychological Services

Neuropsychological Evaluations
Neuropsychological testing involves the evaluation of a broad range of skills. Dr. DiQuattro or Dr. Conner will meet with the family of each child or adolescent before testing in order to identify areas of concern and create an individually tailored assessment battery. Areas that are typically evaluated include intelligence, memory, language, visual-spatial skills, processing speed, fine motor functioning, attention, executive skills (i.e., planning, organizing, initiation), and academic functioning.  Neuropsychological evaluations can be helpful to identify areas of strength and weakness and also to track previously identified areas of concern.  The results of the evaluation can help in planning and developing a treatment program, which can include both educational and behavioral interventions.
Parent Training/Education:


Once your child has completed an evaluation with Dr. DiQuattro or Dr. Conner, parent training and education sessions may be scheduled in order to help implement some of the strategies suggested.  A behavioral approach is generally utilized and services are offered based on availability.

Concussion Evaluations:

A concussion evaluation is often recommended for children or adolescents with prolonged concussion symptoms or if your child had a premorbid (before concussion) history of attention, learning, emotional, or behavior concerns.  Common symptoms of concussion include attention difficulties, memory problems, executive challenges (i.e., planning, organizing, initiation, self-monitoring, etc.), and slowed processing speed.  These challenges can lead to academic, behavioral, emotional, and social difficulties.  The evaluation will be used to develop an individualized treatment plan which will include information about pediatric concussions, ways to manage current symptoms, and an overall treatment plan to can be used to manage areas of concern within the school, home, and community settings.  Concussion evaluations are typically brief and verbal feedback is usually provided on the same day as the evaluation.   The child must have been previously diagnosed with concussion from a medical provider prior to making an appointment for testing.

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